11 April 2013 0 Comments

Two screenwriting views for you to pursue

I’ve spent the last week and half moving house. There is nothing, other than the death of a loved one or a divorce, more invasive and disruptive that one can go through. And having done it twice in the last year (don’t ask me why!), I’ve told the wife we are staying put for quite [...]

18 May 2012 0 Comments

Motor City Madness

One thing I am guilty of frequently is taking things for granted. Sure, there’s enough gas in the tank! Only to be stranded on the PCH. Enough eggs to make pancakes? Absolutely! Cut to me making an early Sunday morning drive to the supermarket. So when our good friend Jennifer Champagne at Madonna University outside [...]

2 April 2012 0 Comments

The Human Touch

“Pick up the phone. Call them. It’s the only way to get it done for sure.” These are the words I hear just about every day from my wife and partner Genevieve Jolliffe (@guerillagal). It’s usually when I’m about to write an email to a new contact or sponsor for one of our Filmmaker Junction [...]